The Rainbow Guard was a Kingsguard like organization created by Renly Baratheon sometime after he left King's Landing and declared himself king. Each member wore a different colored armor, making up the colors of the rainbow. 


History Edit

After the events of A Game of Thrones, Renly Baratheon takes the men he had gathered to hold King Joffey, his mother, brother, and sister if Eddard Stark had given his leave out of King's Landing

Later, he declares himself king and forms the Rainbow Guard as his protectors. 

In A Clash of Kings, when Catelyn Stark went to speak with Renly in hopes of making an agreement with the southron king, she witnesses a shadow come into Renly's tent and kill him, before Brienne and herself. The two escape after Brienne fights off a man who believes her to be killer.

Trivia Edit