Ser Quentyn Ball, also known as Fireball, was an anointed knight of House Ball during the reigns of King Aegon IV and then Daeron II Targaryen. He served as Master-at-Arms of the Red Keep.

His personal sigil was a fireball in red and yellow flying across a night black background.

Appearance and Character Edit

He was red haired and had a fiery temper. This was why he was given the nickname Fireball.

History Edit

Quentyn served as the Master-at-Arms of the Red Keep under Aegon IV Targaryen. At some point, Aegon promised Quentyn a post on the Kingsguard when one became available. Quentyn forced his wife to join the Silent Sisters so that this could happen. Aegon died before the promise could be fulfilled, however.

When an opening did become available under Aegon's heir, Quentyn was passed over in favour of Ser Willem Wylde. The reasons are not known. As a result of this Quentyn sided with Daemon I Blackfyre during the First Blackfyre Rebellion. It is rumoured that Quentyn had as much of a say as Aegor Rivers in convincing Daemon to push his claim.

Quentyn would fight outside Lannisport during the start of the war. Here he would slay a lord of House Lefford and then force Lord Damon Lannister back behind the walls of Casterly Rock. Fireball would then fight a battle at the crossing of the Mander, where he would kill all but the youngest of Lady Penrose's sons, sparing the last one out of respect for the boy's mother. He was killed by a common archer on the eve prior to the Battle of Redgrass Field after stopping for a drink of water.

Ser Glendon Flowers claimed that he was the bastard son of Ser Quentyn Ball.