Qohor is one of the nine Free Cities located on the eastern continent. It lies near a great forest, the Forest of Qohor. Their city guard is made up entirely of Unsullied, of which every one carries a spear with a braid of human hair. It sits on the banks of the Qhoyne, a tributary of the Rhoyne. It sits to the east of Norvos and to the north of Volantis.

Their craftsmen are renowned throughout the Free Cities. Their blacksmiths have the ability to meld paint in with the metals. Some blacksmiths claim to know how to reforge Valyrian steel. The wood from the Forest of Qohor is sought after. Qohoriks worship the Black Goat.


Over four hundred years before the War of the Usurper, a khalasar led by Khal Temmo came out of the Dothraki Sea intent on attacking Qohor. Qohor hired the mercenary companies Bright Banners and the Second Sons and purchased three thousand Unsullied. When the Unsullied arrived, the Qohorik forces had been shattered. The Dothraki had returned to their camp to wait for the next day to finish the city off. The next morning they found the Unsullied standing before them. Eighteen times they charged and attacked the Unsullied ranks, each time failing to break through. At the end of the battle, twelve thousand Dothraki were dead including Khal Temmo. The four hundred remaining Unsullied watched as the surviving Dothraki cut their braids and threw them at the feet of the Unsullied.

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