King Qhored I Hoare, also known as Qhored the Cruel, was a King of the Iron Islands from House Hoare. He is regarded as one of the greatest kings of the Iron Islands. Some say he was actually from House Greyiron and House Blacktyde.

History Edit

When he was young, Qhored sacked the city of Oldtown, taking thousands of women as captives. When he was 30, Qhored defeated King Bernarr II Justman and took his three sons as hostages. Three years later he murdered the boys in the Bloody Keep of Pyke. He then defeated Bernarr's vengeful era and had him drowned as an offering to the Drowned God, ending the line of House Justman.

During the reign of King Qhored the Ironborn could claim that his writ ran "wherever men can smell salt water or hear the crash of waves." The Ironborn were at their peak, ruling land from Bear Island to the Arbor. Many men abandoned their homes for fear of Qhored's reavers, and those who remained had to pay tribute.Qhored, dubbed Qhored the Cruel in the Kingdom of the Reach, died aged ninety, having ruled for seventy-five years.