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Gared, Waymar Royce, and Will, rangers in the Night's Watch, have a deadly encounter during a ranging beyond The Wall.

While they are scavenging in the Haunted Forest, because of wildlings reports, Will finds a wildlings camp, but no one seems to be moving. Will tells it to Gared and Waymar.

While it's dark, the three go investigate the camp again, and Gared has to stay with the horses. Suddenly an Other appears. Will hides and watches as Waymar fights multiple others, before being slain.

After looking away for a long time, Will looks back and sees that the Others are gone. He picks up Waymar's broken swords and takes it with him to show it to the lord commander. When he stands up, Waymar rises again and his hands go around Will's throat.

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  • First appearance for Ser Waymar Royce, Will and Gared.
  • Last appearance for Ser Waymar Royce and Will.