Podrick's Rounsey is the horse ridden by Podrick Payne after he leaves King's Landing to tail Brienne Tarth.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

The rounsey is old and piebald. It seems to serve Podrick well enough, however, and its looks prove to be deceiving. Podrick doesn't have much money, so he probably acquired the horse cheaply.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Podrick acquires the horse after he is told by Brella of Brienne's mission to locate Sansa Stark.He hopes that, by following her, he will find Tyrion Lannister, his master. Brienne first sights the horse when in Rosby, and Ser Creighton Longbough mentions that he saw a farm boy on a piebald horse pass by during his watch. It is possible that this was Podrick.

Brienne later sees the horse and the boy outside Duskendale. She encounters the two on the road between Duskendale and Maidenpool. She scares the horse by using the flat of her sword to hit it on the rear, sending Podrick flying.

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