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Myles ToyneEdit

Myles Toyne, also known as Blackheart, was a captain-general of the Golden Company and an exiled descendent of House Toyne.


Myles Toyne was not dark and handsome like his infamous forebear, Terrence Toyne. Instead, Myles was jug-eared, with a big nose and a crooked jaw.


Myles Toyne was a descendant of Ser Terrence Toyne, a Kingsguard knight caught abed with one of King Aegon IV's mistresses. Myles was known as Blackheart because of the sigil on his shield. He enjoyed the nickname and what it implied, as a captain should be feared by friends and foes alike; if people thought him cruel so much the better. However, Myles was not cruel. A soldier to the bone, he was firm but fair. His good friend Jon Connington considered Myles full of life.[1]

After his death Myle's skull was dipped in gold and placed upon a company standard. He was succeeded as captain-general by Harry Strickland.

“fierce but always fair”

Jon Connington

“a father to his men”

Jon Connington