Mord Edit

Mord is the brutish and vicious jailer at the Eyrie who tormented Tyrion Lannister and, evidently other prisoners. He is in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of the sky cells of the Eyrie

The almost saintly aura which surrounds Jon Arryn should perhaps be tempered by the fact that he long employed, and presumably approved of Mord.

Appearances and Character Edit

Mord is a very unattractive person: he has small dark eyes and rotting brown teeth. The left side of his face is scarred where an axe cut off his ear and part of his cheek. He has a large belly and thick, stubby-fingered hands.

Mord is a petty, dimwitted, and cruel man who delights in tormenting prisoners and telling them how they are going to fall out of the cells to their deaths on the rocks six hundred feet below the castle. He took Tyrion's coat when he first got imprisoned in the Sky Cells.