Mollander is a novice at the Citadel. His father was a knight. He is sometimes called Hopfrog, as a way of insulting him.


Mollander is strong, with thick arms and broad shoulders. He may have become a knight like his father had it not been for his clubfoot.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Mollander is a poor student at the Citadel, preferring drinking over his studies. He has been a heavy drinker ever since he found out that his father was killed at the Battle of the Blackwater. It is unknown for which side his father fought.

He discusses the potential discovery of dragons with other novices and acolytes after Alleras buys them a round of cider. He doesn't like Leo Tyrell, who insults him frequently. After the night of drinking he is almost carried home by Roone, who seems to be his closest friend.