Melissa Blackwood, also called Missy, was a lady of House Blackwood during the rule of King Aegon IV Targaryen. She was Aegon's sixth mistress, and the best loved of them.

History Edit

Melissa became the sixth mistress of Aegon in 172 AC, early in the king's reign, replacing Barba Bracken, who was forced out in disgrace. Melissa befriended Aegon's wife, Queen Naerys Targaryen, as well as his brother, Aemon, and nephew, Daeron.

Barba Bracken had been buxom compared to Melissa, who was slender of frame. Barba was supposedly overheard claiming that Melissa's chest was as flat as a boy's. In retaliation, Aegon renamed the Teats, which he had previously named for Barba, after Melissa. Members of House Bracken still refer to the hills as Barba's Teats.

Melissa would serve as mistress for five years, having three bastard children with Aegon in that time. One of them, Brynden Rivers, maintained good connections at the court in King's Landing after his mother was dismissed, due to how well she had been liked.

Melissa was evenually replaced by Barba's younger sister, Bethany, who had been trained for the purpose of replacing Melissa as mistress. Bethany supposedly caught Aegon's eye whilst he was on a trip to Stone Hedge to visit his bastard son, Aegor Rivers.

Books Edit

A Dance with Dragons Edit

Hoster Blackwood tells Jaime Lannister that there is a statue of Melissa in the Godswood of Raventree Hall. He also tells Jaime of the rivallry between Melissa and Barba, as well as more about the initial causes of the Blackwood and Bracken rivallry.