Meleys, called the Red Queen, was an old she-dragon ridden by Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

Description Edit

Her scales were scarlet and the membranes of her wings were pink. Her crest, horns, and claws were bright as copper. She had grown lazy but was fearsome when roused. Meleys was old, cunning and no stranger to battle.

History Edit

Princess Rhaenys rode Meleys during the Dance of the Dragons. She fought against Vhagar and Sunfyre in the Battle of Rook's Rest, Although not as large as Vhagar, against Vhagar alone she might have stood a chance at victory. Meleys was killed fighting both dragons, however. Her head was drawn through the city of King's Landing on a cart, awing the crowds of smallfolk into silence.

References and Notes Edit

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