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Maegor I Targaryen was the third king of the Targaryen dynasty to sit on the Iron Throne.

Early lifeEdit

Maegor was the only son of Aegon the Conqueror by his sister-wife Visenya and the half-brother of Aenys I. Unlike his half-brother, Maegor was more like his father and grew up to become a strong warrior. Unlike his brother, he refused to bond with any dragon other than Balerion, as he considered the Black Dread as the only dragon worthy of him, and waited for his father to die to bond with the beast.

As Hand and as KingEdit

Upon his half-brother Aenys' ascension to the Iron Throne, the Faith of the Seven launched a major uprising against the Targaryen dynasty. Whilst they accepted Aegon on the throne due to his strength and his conversion to the Faith, they could not stomach the thought of his sons, born of incest, following him.

Aenys I proved too weak and indecisive to handle the crisis and appointed Maegor as the Hand of the King, with responsibility for putting down the rebellion. Maegor's answer was to massacre those found rebelling against the crown, unleashing a wave of violence rarely seen in Westeros before or since. Tens of thousands, maybe more, died as Maegor set out to crush the rebels with every ounce of force he could muster. He accepted no parley and no pleas for mercy. He used the mighty Balerion to incinerate any rebel forces that opposed him. When Aenys died in 42 AL, Maegor took the throne (despite Aenys having a son) and continued the oppression wherever he could, earning him the name 'Maegor the Cruel'.

During his reign Maegor began the construction of a new keep within the main castle complex in King's Landing. Completed after his death, this fortressed was dubbed Maegor's Holdfast.


Maegor died in 48 AL, allegedly bleeding to death after injuring himself on the Iron Throne. The smallfolk whispered that the throne itself had rejected and killed him for his crimes. He was succeeded by Jaehaerys I Targaryen, Aenys' son, who made peace with the Faith and ended the war.

Character and appearanceEdit

Maegor was a resolute, firm and commanding warrior who expected immediate and total obedience. He was not a diplomat and did not believe in concessions or negotiations. He was merciless. He had a dissolute side, taking multiple wives both within and outside his line, but had no children. The Targaryen tendency towards madness which emerged in later generations may have touched him.

Maegor was very tall, even taller than his father, but with a thicker, broader appearance, although this was due more to muscle than fat. He had short hair and a short beard closely matched to his jawline. He rarely laughed or smiled, and often looked angry, suspicious and sometimes paranoid. His entire reign as Hand and King was a period of warfare, and he took to wearing a breastplate covered by a surcoat prominently displaying the Targaryen symbol and colours to remind people of the authority of the ruling house. He inherited his father's sword and crown.

He was presumed to have married Jane Westerling of the Crag.

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