Lollys Stokeworth is the youngest daughter of Lady Tanda Stokeworth.

Her mother has been trying to arrange a marriage for her for quite some time. Lollys is thirty years old, but she is rather chunky and not bright, and her mother's standards are too high. Petyr Baelish is often trying to avoid her. When Joffrey starts the riot, Lollys is attacked and raped by several dozen men. She is left pregnant, and now her mother is trying to get Tyrion to marry her. Varys helps Shae find a position as handmaiden to Lollys, because the city is too dangerous for her to stay in her own manse any longer. Lollys is eventually married to Bronn, as Cersei wants to keep Bronn from agreeing to act as Tyrion's champion, when he is on trial for the murder of Joffrey. With marriage comes money, land, title, etc. Tyrion cannot match all this, and Bronn would have too much to lose to agree to fight for Tyrion again.