Lodos was a drowned man who claimed to be the living son of the Drowned God.

History Edit

Following the death of King Harren Hoare, Lodos was crowned King of the Iron Islands by twoscore priests gathered at Nagga's Bones on Old Wyk.

When King Aegon I Targaryen sailed to the Iron Islands to put down several would-be kings, Lodos called on the krakens of the deep to drag down the Targaryen warships. When the beasts did not appear, Lodos filled his robes with stones and walked into the sea to take counsel with his 'father'. Thousands followed him. Their corpses would was up on the islands for years aftewards, though never Lodos' own corpse.

During the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen, a man boasting to be Lodos reborn appeared on the Iron Islands.