The first king of Westeros was Aegon the Conqueror who, riding with his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys on their three dragons from their seat, Dragonstone, won the War of Conquest. This memorable war marks the beginning of the timeline (AL for Aegon's Landing) and the Targaryen Dynasty that ruled Westeros for more than 250 years. Aegon established the Targaryen tradition of marrying siblings and other closerelatives by marrying both of his sisters and having a child by each. House Targaryen was overthrown by the Robert Baratheon of Storm's End, who made House Baratheon the new rulers of Westeros during Robert's Rebellion.

House TargaryenEdit

Name Marriages & Issue Claim to throne Rule
Aegon I
+(Aegon the Conqueror)+
+(Aegon the Dragon)+
Visenya Targaryen (one child) & Rhaenys Targaryen (one child) founder 1AL-37AL
Aenys IAlyssa Velaryon (six children) firstborn of Aegon I 37AL-42AL
Maegor I
+(Maegor the Cruel)+
(1) Ceryse Hightower (no children)

(2) Alys Harroway (one child, stillborn)

(3) Tyanna of Pentos (no children)

(4) Elinor Costayne (one child, stillborn)

(5) Rhaena Targaryen (no children)

(6) Jeyne Westerling (one child, stillborn)

second son of Aegon I, half-brother of Aenys I 42AL-48AL
Jaehaerys I
+(Jaehaerys the Wise)+
+(Jaehaerys the Concillator)+

+(The Old King)+
Alysanne Targaryen (thirteen children) son of Aenys I, half-nephew of Maegor I 48AL-103AL
Viserys I
+(The Young King)+
(1) Aemma Arryn (three children)
(2) Alicent Hightower (four children)
grandson of Jaehaerys I 103AL-129AL
Aegon II
+(Aegon the Elder)+
+(Aegon the Usurper)+
Helaena Targaryen (three children) son of Viserys I 129AL-131AL

Disputed Claim

Although Rhaenyra Targaryen was declared heir presumptive by her father, Viserys I, her half brother Aegon II seized the throne upon his death. Nevertheless, she claimed the title Queen of Westeros. The Dance of Dragons followed, wherein Rhaenyra was eaten by Aegon's dragon. Her brother held the throne for less than two years and was succeeded by her son (and his nephew).

Name Marriages & Issue Claim to the throne Rule
Rhaenyra Targaryen
+(The Half-Year Queen)+
+(The Realm's Delight)+
+(The Whore of Dragonstone)+
(1) Laenor Velaryon (three children)
(2) Daemon Targeryen (three children)
daughter of Viserys I 129AL

House Targaryen (Continued)

Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule

Aegon III
+(Aegon the Younger)+
+(Aegon the Unlucky)

+(Aegon the Dragonbane)+

(1) Jaehaera Targaryen (no children)
(2) Daenaera Velaryon (five children)
son of Rhaenyra Targaryen, half-nephew/cousin of Aegon II 131AL-157AL
Daeron I
+(The Young Dragon)+
+(The Boy King)+
nonefirstborn son of Aegon III 157AL-162AL
Baelor I
+(Baelor the Blessed)+
+(Baelor the Beloved)+
Daena Targaryen (Daena the Defiant) (no children)second son of Aegon III, brother of Daeron I162AL-171AL
Viserys IILarra Rogare (three children)son of Rhaenyra Targaryen,
uncle of Baelor I
Aegon IV
+(Aegon the Unworthy)+
Naerys Targaryen (two children)
many illegitiamate children
son of Viserys II 172AL-184AL
Daeron II
+(Daeron the Good)+
+(Daeron the Falseborn)+
Myriah Martell (four children)firstborn son of Aegon IV & Naerys Targaryen184AL-209AL
Aerys IAelinor Penrose (no children)second son of Daeron II 209AL-221AL
Maekar I
+(Maekar the Anvil)+
Dyanna Dayne (six children)fourth son of Daeron II, brother of Aerys I221AL-233AL
Aegon V
+(Aegon the Unlikely)+
+(Aegon the Fortunate)+
Betha Blackwood (five children)fourth son of Maekar I 233AL-259AL
Jaehaerys IIShaera Targaryen (two children)second son of Aegon V 259AL-262AL

Disputed Claim

Following the Death of Aegon IV, his oldest son by Naerys, Daeron II, claimed the throne by right of primogeniture. Daeron II's half brother, Daemon Blackfyre, disputed this claim, based on his symbolic inheritance of the ancestral sword of House Targaryen, Blackfyre. Civil war broke out between them, resulting in the Blackfyre Rebellions and the War of the Ninepenny King. Martin's historical inspiration was the Wars of the Roses.

House BlackfyreEdit

Name Marriages & Issue Claim to the throne Rule
Daemon I
+(Daemon the Pretender)+
(The Black Dragon)+
+(The King who Bore the Sword)+
Rohanne of Tyrosh (ten children) son of Aegon IV 195AL-196AL
Daemon II
+(Ser John the Fiddler)+
+(The Brown Dragon)+

nonethird son of Daemon I 196AL-215AL
Haegon Iunknown (least two sons)fourth son of Daemon I, brother of Daemon II215AL-221AL
Daemon IIInonefistborn son of Haegon I 221AL-236AL
Maelys I
+(Maelys the Monstrous)+
nonesecond son of Haegon I, brother of Daemon III236AL-260AL

House Targaryen (continued)

Name Marriages & Issue Claim to the throne Rule
Aerys II
+(The Mad King)+
+(King Scab)+
Rhaella Targaryen (eight children)firstborn son of Jaehaerys II 262AL-283AL

House BaratheonEdit

After the tyrannical rule of Aerys II led to the deaths of Rickard and Brandon Stark, as well as the abduction of Lyanna Stark by the king's son, Prince Rhaegar. The new Lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark, Lyanna's fiance, Robert Baratheon of Storm's End, and their guardian, Jon Arryn of the Eyrie raised their banners in revolt during a period known as Robert's Rebellion or the War of the Usurper. After the deaths of Aerys and Rhaegar, Robert took the throne through his descent from Aegon V.

Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule
Robert I
+(the Usurper)+
Cersei Lannister (three 'apparent' children)
many illegitiamate children
Great-grandson of Aegon V, first cousin once removed of Aerys II283AL-298AL

Disputed Claims

House Targaryen (exiled)Edit

Following Robert I's ancension to the throne, the remaining members of House Targaryen had all escaped claimed Robert's wrath and still desired to be claimed themselves King/Queen of Westeros.

Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule
Viserys III
+(the Beggar King)+
none second son

of Aerys II

Daenerys I
+(Daenerys Stormborn)+
+(Mother of Dragons)+
+(Breaker of Shackles)+
+(the Unburnt)+
(1) Khal Drogo (one child, stillborn)
(2) Hizdahr zo Loraq (no children)
daughter of Aerys II, sister of Viserys III298AL-present
Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule
Aegon VI

+(None/Young Griff)+

none grandson of Aerys II 283AL-283 AL/present

"House Baratheon" of King's LandingEdit

Following Robert I's death, the throne was taken by his eldest son, Joffrey I. But soon it was discovered that Joffrey and his siblings were not Robert's, but Cersei's twin brother, Ser Jaime. But they ruled as House Baratheon-Lannister or as House Baratheon at King's Landing during the War of the Five Kings.

Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule
Joffrey I
+(Joffrey the Illborn)+
+(The Young Usurper)+
+("Aerys the Third")+
Margaery Tyrell (no children)"firstborn son of Robert I"298AL-300AL
Tommen IMargaery Tyrell (no children)"second born son of Robert I", brother of Joffrey I300AL-present

Disputed Claims

Also following Robert I's death, Robert's brothers, Renly and Stannis had discovered that Joffrey and Tommen were not Robert's at all and both claimed themselves King of Westeros.

House Baratheon at Storm's EndEdit

Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule
Renly IMargaery Tyrell (no children)youngest brother of Robert I 298AL-299AL

House Baratheon at DragonstoneEdit

Name Marriages Claim to the throne Rule
Stannis ISelyse Florent (one child)younger brother of Robert I (older brother of Renly I)298AL-present

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