Historically, the Starks of Winterfell are the lst known living House of the first men, and ruled the north for centuries until the conquest of Aegon I Targaryen and the title was replaced with Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.

House Stark (First Reign)Edit

Name Additional Notes
Brandon I
+(Bran the Builder)+
He owes his name to the fact that he built the Wall and Winterfell. Some stories say he did it with the help of Giants. He is accredited for other famous constructions, especially Storm's End. It's said that he had have given the Night’s Watch Brandon's Gift, a stretch of land 25 leagues wide, but maesters argue it was some other Brandon of House Stark. A possible descendant of King Garth Greenhand of the Reach, via Brandon of the Bloody Blade.
Brandon II
+(Bran the Breaker)+
During the reign of the Night's King, the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, he formed an alliance with the King-beyond-the-Wall Joramun, to end the thirteen year old rule of the Night's King and his corpse queen. Thereafter he obliterated the Night's King's name from memory.
Theon I
+(The Hungry Wolf)+
King Theon earned his nickname, the 'Hungry Wolf' from the constant state of war his realm lived in during his reign.
Brandon III
+(Bran the Shipwright)+
He loved the sea so much that he attempted to sail across the Sunset Sea and was never seen again.
Brandon IV
+(Bran the Burner)+
When his father was lost at sea King Brandon set fire to all of his father's ships in grief. This him his earned nickname. It was the last time the North had any strength at sea.
Jonnel Inone
Dorren IHe is mentioned in an account of the Night's Watch. During his rule the Night's Watch fought Giants and traded with the Children of the Forest.
Jon IWhen sea raiders landed in the east, he drove them out and built the castle at White Harbor.
Rickard ISon of Jon I. He took the Neck away from the Marsh King, adding more territory to the North, and married his daughter.
Rodrick ISon of Rickard I. He won Bear Island in a wrestling match and awarded it to House Mormont.
Edrick I
+(Edrick Snowbeard)+
Brandon V
+(Ice Eyes)+
He is the great-grandson of Edrick I. He was born with light blue eys, hense the nickname 'Ice Eyes'.
Benjen I
+(Benjen the Bitter)+
Benjen II
+(Benjen the Sweet)+
son of Benjen the Bitter.
Eyron Inone
Edderion I
+(The Bridegroom)+
Walton I
+(The Moonking)+
Brandon VI
+(Bran the Bad)+
Jorah Inone
Jonos Inone
Edwyn I
+(The Spring King)+
Harlon IHundreds of years ago, House Bolton rose up against House Stark. Harlon laid siege to the Dreadfort for two years to starve them out.
Brandon IXStopped Skagosi raids on the Bay of Seals. He broke their power, destroyed their ships and forbade them the sea.
Torrhen I
+(The King Who Knelt)+
After watching the fall of the kings in the south, King Torrhen bent the knee and spared his people. He had come south with his army but upon seeing Aegon's dragon and the massive host at his back, he bent the knee at the spot where the Inn of the Kneeling Man now sits. He was named Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North after submitting to Aegon I. He surrendered the crown of the Kings of Winter to Aegon. Its whereabouts are unknown.

House Stark (Second Reign)Edit

After the execution of Eddard Stark, the bannermen of the North declared themselves independant, with Eddard's son, Robb as the new King in the North.

Name Marriage Titles Rule
Robb Stark
+(The Young Wolf)+
+(The King Who Lost the North)+
Jeyne Westerling (no children)King in the North
King of the Trident
Lord of Winterfell

Disputed Claim

When Robb Stark made his claim King in the North, Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands claimed himself King of the Iron Islands. But as Robb left his homeland in Winterfell to fight in the Riverlands, Balon's son, Theon invaded the North and took Winterfell, which led to Balon proclaiming himself King of the North.

House GreyjoyEdit

Name Marriage Titles Rule
Balon IX
+(Balon the Blessed)+
+(Balon the Brave)+
+(Balon the Twice-Crowned)+
Allanys Harlaw (four children)King of the Iron Islands
King of the North
Son of the Sea Wind
Lord Reaper of Pyke
289AL, 298AL-300AL
Euron III
+(Crow's Eye)+
noneKing of the Iron Islands
King of the North
Son of the Sea Wind
Lord Reaper of Pyke