Lhazar is a region located to the east of Slaver's Bay and south of the Dothraki Sea. It is located west and north-west of the Red Waste. It is populated by the Lhazareen, a notably unwarlike people known as the "lamb men" to the Dothraki.


Lhazar is separated from Slaver's Bay by a range of sandstone mountains. The Khyzai Pass links Lhazar to this region. The Skahazadhan River forms Lhazar's northern border and flows through the pass to Meereen. Most of Lhazar seems to consist of plains and low hills, ideal for rearing sheep.

The capital city of Lhazar is Lhazosh. The nation's other two major cities are Hesh and Kosrak. Lhazar's northern borders are frequently raided by the Dothraki, who see the Lhazareen as easy pickings to takes as slaves and sell downriver at Meereen.

A network of roads link the three main cities together, with additional roads leading eastwards across the Red Waste to the Bone Mountains and south-east towards Qarth. Another road follows the river and pass westwards to Meereen.[1]


Lhazar seems to consist mostly of townships which serve as the centers for regions of farming and sheep-rearing. Lhazareen villages and towns are often centered on a temple to their dominant deity, the Great Shepherd. Lhazar is not an aggressive nation, and does not seem to maintain standing armies. Individual Lhazareen will fight to defend themselves, but they have no martial culture. However, Lhazareen priestesses, or maegi, are said to wield formidable magical powers if provoked.

History Edit

Khal Drogo launches an attack on Lhazar's northern border, planning to captured many slaves and herd them downriver to sell in Meereen. He plans to use the resulting funds to buy ships to help invade Westeros. However, Drogo takes a wound during the battle and is attended by a Lhazareen maegi, Mirri Maz Duur. Daenerys, hoping to make amends for the Dothraki's brutal attack, convinces Drogo to let Mirri Maz Duur treat him. However, Duur instead turns Drogo into a drooling vegetable and kills Daenerys's unborn son in vengeance. Daenerys has Mirri Maz Duur burned alive on her husband's funeral pyre, resulting in the hatching of her three dragon eggs.[2]

Daenerys, having captured Meereen, opens negotiations with the Lhazareen to help supply the beleaguered city. They agree to send supplies, but not provide military assistance.[3]

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