Leo Tyrell, often called Lazy Leo, is an acolyte of the Citadel in Oldtown and is a member of a cadet branch of House Tyrell. He is the cousin of Lord Mace Tyrell.


Leo is described as both handsome and pale, with ash-blonde hair that he lets fall over one of his eyes. His voice is soft and he often ascribes mocking names to his friends and enemies. He wears the colours of House Tyrell, green and gold, and pins his black half cape to his shoulder with a jade pin in the shape of a rose, the sigil of House Tyrell.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Leo stumbles to the Quill and Tankard inn after gambling his money away at the Checkered Hazard, where he meets Pate, Mollander, Alleras, Armen and Roone talking about dragons. He mocks Pate and Mollander, and confirms the rumours of the return of the dragons.

He claims that a glass candle has been lit by Archmaester Marwyn, and argues with Armen who treats this news disparagingly. After the others leave he torments Pate by saying he will take thee virginity of Rosey, a girl Pate is infatuated is. He tells Pate to leave after pate threatens his life.