Lady Forlorn is a Valyrian steel sword in the possession of House Corbray of the Vale of Arryn. During the Blackfyre Rebellion Lady Forlorn was wielded by Ser Gwayne Corbray of the Kingsguard, who used it in his epic duel with Daemon Blackfyre wielding the Targaryen Valyrian sword Blackfyre at the Battle of the Redgrass Field.

Lady Forlorn is currently in the keeping of Ser Lyn Corbray, younger brother to Lord Lyonel Corbray of Heart's Home. Ser Lyn was given the sword by his father for his valor at the battle of the Trident. During the battle, when his father was wounded, Ser Lyn picked up Lady Forlorn and went on to slay Prince Lewyn Martell of the Kingsguard.

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