The Kingsroad is possibly the most well-traveled road in all of Westeros. It leads from King's Landing to the Wall. It greatly increases mobility and traveling speed, compared to the other roads of Westeros.


The Kingsroad begins at King's Landing and heads north through Westeros. It passes God's Eye and Harrenhal, crosses the Trident, runs through the Neck, and passes Moat Cailin and the White Knife before reaching Winterfell and the Wolfswood. From there it runs north through the Gift to Castle Black at the Wall.

Recent eventsEdit

A Game of Thrones Edit

While Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon use the Kingsroad to travel to King's Landing, Jon Snow uses it to travel to Castle Black and join the Night's Watch.

After Catelyn Stark finished her business in King's Landing, she used the Kingsroad to travel back to Winterfell. During her journey, she encountered Tyrion Lannister at the Inn at the Crossroads and arrested him.

A Storm of Swords Edit

Arya Stark used the road when headed for the Wall to find her half-brother, Jon Snow.