The Kingsroad is possibly the most well-traveled road in all of Westeros. It leads from King's Landing to the Wall. It has appeared in nearly every book so far in the series, and has been instrumental in the travels of many POV characters.


The Kingsroad begins at King's Landing and heads north through Westeros. It passes God's Eye and Harrenhal, crosses the Trident, runs through the Neck, and passes Moat Cailin and the White Knife before reaching Winterfell and the Wolfswood. From there it runs north through the Gift to Castle Black at the Wall.

Use in the seriesEdit

The Kingsroad is used frequently by characters in Westeros early on in the series before outlaws became prevalent. Most notably, Arya Stark traveled it in A Clash of Kings when headed for the Wall to find her half-brother, Jon Snow.

The Inn at the Crossroads is on the Kingsroad, north of King's Landing and it is where Tyrion Lannister is taken prisoner by Catelyn Stark.

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