King of the Isles and the Rivers was a title used by the Hoare kings that ruled over both the Iron Islands and the Riverlands.

History Edit

The title was first established when King Harwyn Hoare conquered the Riverlands from the rule of Storm King Arrec Durrandon. He, and his subsequent descendants, fought constant wars with the region's neighbours. Harwyn had no seat in the Riverlands, whilst his son, Halleck Hoare, made his at Fairmarket. Halleck's son, Harren Hoare, built the royal seat of Harrenhal.

The Hoare line was destroyed by King Aegon I Targaryen during the War of Conquest, and the title became defunct. Control of the Iron Islands passed to House Greyjoy, whilst control of the Riverlands went to House Tully.

Known Holders Edit