The title King of the Fingers was held by several petty king during the old ages. Holders ruled over the are of land in The Vale known as The Fingers.

History Edit

The Fingers were held by First Men prior to the Andal Invasion. Two First Men kings, Dywen Shell and Jon Brightstone, both of whom hired an Andal warlord to help them defeat their opponent. They were betrayed, however, and it resulted in death for both. Jon was killed first, tortured and then beheaded, whilst Dywen was roasted alive in his own wooden longhall. Ser Corwyn Corbray took Jon's daughter as his wife, and Dywen's as a bedwarmer.

Corwyn took the lands of the two men, and declared himself as the Lord of the Five Fingers. The Corbrays would later readopt the title of King of the Fingers. King Qyle Corbray was the first Andal to fall before King Robar II Royce, who took the Corbray sword of Lady Forlorn as his own. Robar claimed himself to be High King of the Vale, the Fingers and the Mountains of the Moon. 

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