Today is not the day that I die
— Jojen Reed

Jojen Reed is the son of Lord Howland Reed and the heir to Greywater Watch. He was gifted with greensight.


After nearly dying of greywater fever as a child, he was given a second chance at life when he met a three-eyed crow. The crow also gave him the gift of greensight.


A Clash of Kings Edit

Jojen and Meera are sent to Winterfell so that House Reed can swear fealty back to House Stark. Jojen says that he had dreams of the death of Eddard Stark and that the only time he ever saw his father cry was after he told him. befriends Bran Stark at Winterfell. Since Bran has skinchanging abilities, Jojen teaches him how to use his skill. Jojen is present at Winterfell when Theon Greyjoy takes the castle and he is one of the nobles taken prisoner. He makes his escape with Meera, Bran, Osha, Hodor and Rickon Stark after Ramsay Bolton sacks the castle, burning it to the ground.

A Storm of Swords Edit

The group reach the Nightfort and they pass through with the help of Samwell Tarly and Gilly. On the other side they meet Coldhands, a mysterious guide hoping to show them to the Three Eyed Crow.

A Dance With Dragons Edit

They continue to travel with Coldhands, gradually working out more about their mysterious guide, such as the fact that he is a wight and he used to be a member of the Night's Watch. Jojen frequently needs to be supported by his sister because he is too weak to walk through the cold and the snow. They eventually reach the Children of the Forest and the Three Eyed Crow, but by then Jojen knows that he has to return to his home, even though he admits that nothing good awaits him there.

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