Jeyne Marbrand was a lady of House Marbrand and later Lady of Casterly Rock. She was the wife of Tytos Lannister, and the mother to his five children. She died a moon's turn after giving birth to the last child.

History Edit

Jeyne was married to Tytos in 235 AC, in a joint ceremony that saw Tytos' older brother, Tion Lannister married to Ellyn Reyne. Tion died during the following year, however, leading Ellyn a widow. As she found her influence declining she attempted to seduce Tytos.

Tytos confessed this to his wife, who then in turn went to Lord Gerold Lannister, who married Ellyn off to Lord Walderan Tarbeck, thus removing her from Casterly Rock.

Jeyne remained, and gave birth to five children. First there was Tywin, who would go on to become Lord of Casterly Rock, then Kevan, who would be his elder brother's right hand man, then Genna, the only daughter, then Tygett, and lastly Gerion. She died a moon's turn after birthing Gerion.

It is unknown how Jeyne felt about some of the decisions her husband made, such as marrying Genna to Emmon Frey, but what is known is that, prior to his wife's death, Tytos Lannister was known as the Laughing Lion, but afterwards no man could lay that name at his feet. This suggests that he was hit badly by Jeyne's death.