Hugh Hammer, also known as Hard Hugh, was the bastard son of a blacksmith on Dragonstone. He mounted the dragon Vermithor as part of the dragonseeds project. He was killed by Ser Jon Roxton during the Second Battle of Tumbleton.


Hugh fought alongside Prince Jacaerys Velaryon and Ulf the White during the Battle of the Gullet. Afterwards he was named Lord of Bitterbridge. He, along with Ulf, defected from the blacks to the greens during the First Battle of Tumbleton, using his dragon to burn the city to ashes.

Hugh aimed to become a king, but had a cup of wine thrown in his face by Prince Daeron Targaryen after he made his claim. Ulf threatened to beat the boy, even though he was the younger brother of the king he was supporting. Hugh began to wear his crown the next day, but Ser Roger Corne knocked it off, for which Hugh had three horseshoes nailed to his skull. Hugh was cut from head to torso by Jon Roxton during the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Jon was killed shortly after.