House Teague was a noble house that ruled the Riverlands before the conquest of the ironmen and Aegon I Targaryen.

About a century after the extinction of House Justman, Torrence Teague, an adventurer of uncertain birth, raided the wastelands and used the gold to hire sellswords from Essos to conquer the Riverlands. After six years of fighting, Torrence was crowned at Maidenpool.

But the river lords didn't liked their new overlords, and House Teague was forced to keep hostages of various families at their court. Theo Teague, fourth king of House Teague, was nicknamed the Saddle-sore because he spent most of his reign riding throughout the river lands to quell rebellions.

When King Humfrey I Teague tried to outlaw the worship of the Old Gods, several Houses led by Roderick Blackwood rose in rebellion. The Teagues were close to defeating the rebels, but Roderick sought the aid of his son in-law Arlan III Durrandon, the Storm King and in the climatic Battle of the Six Kings, King Humfrey I, his son and heir Humfrey II, his two other sons Hollis and Tyler Teague and the brother and champion of King Humfrey, Damon Teague, were all killed, extinguishing House Teague in a single afternoon. Roderick was also killed in the battle, and Arlan realized the river lords wouldn't want a woman as ruler and mistrusted Roderick's brothers, so the Riverlands went to form part of the Kingdom of the Stormlands.

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