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House Tarly
House Tarly of Horn Hill is a noble house from the Reach, pledged to House Tyrell of Highgarden.

They are the keepers of Heartsbane, one of the rare and coveted Valyrian steel greatswords.

History Edit

The head of the house at the time of the War of the Five Kings is Lord Randyll Tarly, who has two sons, Samwell and Dickon. Lord Randyll considered Samwell, his firstborn and heir, too bookish and weak to succeed him, and forced him under threat of death to take the black and leave his heritage to Dickon.[1]

Like their liege lords, the Tarlys declared for Renly Baratheon after the death of King Robert.[2] After King Renly's death, they pledged to Stannis.After being defeated at the Battle of the Blackwater with the rest of Stannis' army, they pledged to Joffrey.

Notes and References Edit

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