House Royce of Runestone is a noble house from the Vale of Arryn.[1] They are sworn to House Arryn, and their seat is the castle Runestone, north of Gulltown.

The Royces blazon their arms with black iron studs on bronze, bordered with runes. Their words are "We Remember".

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House Royce is an ancient and powerful family, originally of the First Men. They began intermingling with the Andals after the Andal Invasion.

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A Game of Thrones Edit

Ser Waymar Royce, a new ranger of the Night's Watch, is killed by an Other. He is reanimated as a wight before killing one of his fellow rangers, Will.

A Clash of Kings Edit

Ser Robar Royce joins Renly Baratheon's Rainbow Guard, then known as Ser Robar the Red. Shortly after the Assassination of Renly Baratheon, Robar lets Catelyn Stark and Brienne Tarth to escape, but soon after gets killed by Ser Loras Tyrell, who was blinded by rage after Renly's death.

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A Song of Ice and FireEdit

  • Ser Waymar Royce is a member of House Royce of Runestone. He was killed by the Others beyond the Wall.[2]
  • House Royce of Runestone is an ancient house.[3]

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