House Merlyn is a noble house from The Iron Islands located on Great Wyk. Their seat governs the village of Pebbleton. They emblazon their sigil with two twining watersprouts on a white background. The current head of House Merlyn is Lord Meldred Merlyn.


A Clash of Kings Edit

When Theon Greyjoy returns home he spots members of House Merlyn gathered for his father, King Balon Greyjoy.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Meldred visits Aeron Greyjoy on the beach outside Pebbleton and is blessed by the Drowned God. He informs Aeron that Rodrik Harlaw is calling for men to come to Ten Towers to support Asha Greyjoy. He is present when Aeron calls for a Kingsmoot to decide who sits upon the Seastone Chair. Meldred then attends the Kingsmoot, where he supports Asha Greyjoy.

House Merlyn during the Books Edit

With unknown familial relation: