House Karstark of Karhold is a noble house from the North, descended from a cadet branch of the ruling House Stark. Its sigil is a white sunburst on black, and its words are, "The Sun of Winter".

History Edit

Founding Edit

The house came into existence when Karlon Stark, the younger brother of the ruling King in the North about seven hundred years before Aegon's Landing, was granted his own lands as a reward for putting down a rebellion by House Bolton. He built a castle on that land that became known as Karl's Hold, which was soon shortened to Karhold. The local branch of the Starks became known as the "Karhold Starks", which in turn was eventually shortened to Karstark.[1]

War of the Five Kings Edit

Known members Edit

See here for a list of known members of House Karstark.

Notes and References Edit

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