House Greyiron is an extinct noble house of the Iron Islands. Its sigil was the sea king's head, white with dark green seaweed beard and hair, a black crown on a grey field.


The Greyirons were an ancient house of First Man blood, originating on the small island of Orkmont. They were fierce and respected raiders and reavers. According to legend, five thousand years ago Urron Redhand was chosen as the High King, or Grey King, of the Isles in the traditional kingsmoot. However, he then had all the other claimants present murdered and declared that from now on the High Kingship would pass from father to son, and if another house wished to take it they would have to seize it by force.

Urron's descendants ruled the isles for a thousand years until the Andal invasion of Westeros finally reached the Iron Isles. The Greyirons were deposed and slaughtered, and Andals settled on the islands, interbreeding with the local population. Curiously, the Andals who came to the islands soon found themselves adapting to the local way of life, and abandoned the Faith of the Seven to worship the Drowned God instead.

After King Harren the Black of House Hoare was slain in the razing of Harrenhal by Aegon the Conqueror, House Greyjoy was appointed as the ruling house of the Iron Islands, Lord Vickon Greyjoy claiming kinship and descent from Urron Redhand. The veracity of this claim is uncertain.

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