House Goodbrother is a noble house of The Iron Islands sworn to House Greyjoy. They are the most prominent house on the island of Great Wyk. Their seat is a castle known as the Hammerhorn. Their sigil is a black warhorn on a red background. There are five cadet branches of House Goodbrother, three on Great Wyk, one on Old Wyk and another on Orkmont. The current head of House Goodbrother is Lord Gorold Goodbrother.


The Goodbrothers established themselves on Great Wyk in the age of the Grey King, claiming descent from his loyal elder brother. They are not a house that earn riches from the sea, instead preferring to utilize the mines of the Hardstone Hills.

Several Goodbrothers have served as Kings in the Iron Islands, with only House Greyiron having more kings chosen. King Urrathon IV Goodbrother was a notorious Ironborn king, who became known as the Bad Brother.


A Clash of Kings Edit

The Goodbrothers of Great Wyk arrive at Pyke before Theon Greyjoy. Asha Greyjoy came to Pyke with Lord Goodbrother, who has forty ships gathered at Lordsport. Theon spots some Goodbrothers of Great Wyk in the main hall of Pyke.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Lord Gorold Goodbrother is one of the nobles that receives a letter from Euron Greyjoy demanding his fealty after the death of King Balon Greyjoy. His son, Gormond Goodbrother, is sent around Great Wyk to inform other nobles of the death of the king, and to bring Aeron Greyjoy before Lord Gorold.

Some Goodbrothers of Great Wyk gather to wish Victarion Greyjoy well at the Kingsmoot. Two of Gorold's sons get into a fight during the Kingsmoot. Gorold is initially listed as a supporter of Victarion, but he is amongst the men that chant for Euron Greyjoy to be crowned as the new king.

Victarion spots Gorold talking with Lords Dunstan Drumm and Rodrik Harlaw in the castle yard of Lord Hewett's Town after the Taking of the Shields.

House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn during the Books Edit

Historical Members of House Goodbrother Edit