House Farman is a noble house from the Westerlands sworn to House Lannister. Their seat is Faircastle on Fair Isle. Their sigil is three silver ships on a blue field, with a border of crimson and gold. The current head of the house is Lord Sebaston Farman.

History Edit

The Farmans are an ancient house dating back to the First Men. During the Age of Heroes they would protect the western coast of Westeros from Ironborn reavers. The Farmans bent the knee to the Lannisters, after King Tommen I Lannister married the daughter of the last Farman king. At some point, House Farman liberated Fair Isle from Ironborn control when Gylbert Farman led a smallfolk uprising.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Dalton Greyjoy took Fair Isle, and took five daughters of Lord Farman as salt wives for both himself and his brother, Veron Greyjoy. Lord Dagon Greyjoy later sacked Fair Isle after the Great Spring Sickness.

Ser Duncan the Tall considers leaving the service of Ser Eustace Osgrey and joining the garrison of Lord Farman, who was reinforcing the defence of his island.

Some years after Lord Tywin Lannister defeated the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion, Lord Farman grew truculent. Tywin sent him a musician to play The Rains of Castamere, which was enough to make Lord Farman reconsider his position. Jeyne Farman was one of the companions of Cersei Lannister during her youth. She was part of the group that visited Maggy the Frog, but ran before her future could be predicted.

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