House Codd is a noble house from the Iron Islands. Their sigil is a silver codfish. Their words are "Though All Men Do Despise Us". They are poorly regarded by other Ironborn houses.

Books Edit

A Feast for Crows Edit

Lucas Codd attaches himself to Euron Greyjoy after the death of King Balon Greyjoy. The Codds attend the Kingsmoot on Old Wyk, though they are looked down on by decent men, according to Victarion Greyjoy. Lucas is listed as one of Euron's supporters. Eldred Codd loses a game of the finger dance to Qarl the Maid.

Lucas is present in the hall of Lord Hewett's Town after the Taking of the Shields. He wears a tapestry during the feast, and afterwards he rapes one of Lord Humfrey Hewett's daughters.

A Dance with Dragons Edit

Dagon Codd is one of the members of House Codd left behind at Moat Cailin to defend it after the departure of Victarion. Dagon is killed by Adrack Humble for refusing to accept Ramsay Bolton's terms of surrender.

Members of House Codd during the books Edit