King Harmund II Hoare, also known as Harmund the Haggler, was a King of the Iron Islands from House Hoare.

History Edit

Harmund was one of the Hoare kings opposed by the Drowned Men. This was due to his tolerance of the Faith of the Seven, his dislike for reaving and his preferance for trade.

Harmund spent his youth as a ward of House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Harmund II was said to be the first Ironborn king to visit mainland Westeros in peace. Once king, he married Lelia Lannister, the daughter of the King of the Rock. He also visited Oldtown and Highgarden to discuss trade.

Harmund followed both the Drowned God and the Faith of the Seven. He believed that the Drowned God was an aspect of The Stranger, and he was known to refer to eight gods. His children were raised in the Faith.