Hallis Mollen, also known as Hal, is a man of House Mollen and serves as a guard at Winterfell.

Appearance and Character Edit

Hallis is muscular. He has a square, brown beard. He has a habit of stating the obvious.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Hallis was named Captain of the Guard at Winterfell after Jory Cassel goes south with Lord Eddard Stark to King's Landing. He is appointed by Robb Stark under advice from Maester Luwin.

Hallis is tasked with finding the origin of the Catspaw. He discovers that the man had been seen around the castle in the weeks leading up to the event. He is then present when Catelyn Stark announces her suspicion that Bran Stark was thrown from the First Keep by Ser Jaime Lannister. Robb initially considers sending Hallis south with his mother, but Catelyn decides to take Ser Rodrik Cassel instead.

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