Grey Ghost was a wild dragon that dwelt in a smoking vent high on the desolate eastern side of the volcano called Dragonmont. He was named by Dragonstone's smallfolk who could rarely find him. He was never claimed nor ridden by any man, living or dead. He is one of three wild dragons with Sheepstealer and the Cannibal. He was a pale grey-white, the color of morning mist.

About Edit

He was a notably shy dragon who avoided men and their works for years at a time. He preferred to feed on fish and was often glimpsed flying low over the narrow sea, snatching prey from the waters.

History Edit

During the Dance of the DragonsJacaerys Velaryon sought new dragonriders to fight The Greens. Some of the dragonseeds looked for the Grey Ghost but could not find him as he was ever an elusive creature.

Grey Ghost was killed and partially devoured by Sunfyre upon his return to Dragonstone.

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