Pello of Tyrosh, also known as Greenbeard is a sellsword from Tyrosh who serves as a leader in the Brotherhood without Banners.


A Storm of SwordsEdit

Greenbeard meets up with Tom of Sevenstreams, Lem Lemoncloak and Anguy at an inn in The Riverlands.They are now also being accompanied by a disguised Arya Stark, as well as Gendry and Hot Pie. He escorts Arya to see Lord Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, the leaders of the Brotherhhod.

Greenbeard is known to frequent brothels, as he is familiar and on good terms with Tansy, owner of the Peach brothel in Stoney Sept. Greenbeard is abed with her when the Mad Huntsman arrives with the captive Sandor Clegane. He is sent south with the Huntsman to buy grain from The Reach to feed the starving people of the Riverlands.