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Complete map of Great Moraq and Lesser Moraq. Source :

Great Moraq is a large island located south of Essos and north-east of Sothoryos. It divides the Summer Sea to the west from the Jade Sea to the east. The Straits of Qarth lie along the north coast of the island and the Cinnamon Straits along the southern. The great trading city of Qarth lies just to the north of the island.


The island extends for approximately 750 miles from its north coast to its southern tip. The island is roughly 350 miles wide at its widest point.

There are two major cities on the island. Faros is located on the western coast and Port Moraq on the southern. The island is covered by rolling hills in the north and by dense jungle in the south. There is a large river which flows out of the northern hills, emptying into the Summer Sea at Faros.

Several smaller islands surround Great Moraq: Qal, in the Straits of Qarth to the north; Lesser Moraq and Vahar to the west; the Isle of Elephants to the south and the Isle of Whips to the east.


Great Moraq is one of many new lands revealed by the Lands of Ice and Fire map collection. However, the city of Faros was previously mentioned in the books.

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