Ser Glendon Flowers, referred to as Glendon Ball by himself and mocked as the Knight of the Pussywillows, was a hedge knight during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen. He claimed to be the illegitimate son of Ser Quentyn Ball, and adopted his supposed father's sigil as his own.

Apperance and Character Edit

Glendon was short and stocky with thick arms and muscles. His eyes were close and small-set. He had thick eyebrows, a big nose and a prominent chin.

History Edit

Glendon's mother was a whore known as Penny Jenny, who was a known lover to Ser Quentyn Ball. She was a camp follower, and prior to the Battle of Redgrass Field she slept with twelve men. After the battle, she relocated to a brothel in King's Landing, called the Pussywillows. There she raised her son and daughter, who would go on to be a whore.

Glendon learned the knightly arts from an elderly squire who lived nearby, and would be raised by the other whores after his mother's death. Half a year before the Whitewalls Tourney, he was knighted by Ser Morgan Dunstable, who only did it as Glendon's sister promised to give him her maidenhead if he knighted her brother.

Ser Glendon is amongst the hedge knights at the Whitewalls Tourney that camps by the lake. He is hoping to make a name for himself. In his first joust he unhorses Ser Argrave the Defiant in the first tilt. He then goes on to unhorse Lord Alyn Cockshaw, Lord Costayne, and Ser Mortimer Boggs.

Lord Gormon Peake worries that Glendon stands between Daemon II Blackfyre and victory, and so frames Glendon for the theft of the dragon egg. Glendon is tortured by Ser Tommard Heddle and is released on the condition he face Daemon in a joust. Glendon, despite still reeling from the torture, defeats Daemon in the first tilt, proving himself to be innocent.