Ghost is one of the six direwolf cubs that the Starks found in the woods before the arrival of King Robert and his court at Winterfell. An albino with white fur and red eyes, he is an intelligent and quickly maturing animal.

Appearance Edit

Ghost has a thick white fur and red eyes. Theon Greyjoy predicts Ghost will die "even faster than the others" since he is an albino, to which Jon replies, "I think not, Greyjoy." At the time the direwolf pups are found, Ghost is the only pup to open its eyes while the others were still blind. 

Jon observes Ghost's red eyes and white fur are similar to the weirwood heart trees. At the outset, Ghost is the smallest of his pack, but eventually, he grows to be larger than his litter mates.


A Game of ThronesEdit

The Stark children find Ghost and his litter mates after their mother was killed by a stag. He is adopted by Jon Snow. Ghost is found a little ways off from the rest of the litter and is the first to open his eyes while the rest are still blind. He is an albino among the litter and is silent with deep red eyes. Ghost grows very quickly and forms a close bond with Jon. Jon later takes the young wolf with him to the Wall when he joins the Night's Watch.

A Clash of KingsEdit

Jon Snow begins to enter Ghost's body through a warg bond.

A Storm of SwordsEdit

Jon sends Ghost back to Castle Black. When Jon returns, he and Ghost are reunited.

A Dance with DragonsEdit

Ghost can sense the presence of his siblings, specifically Nymeria, who has come to lead a wolf pack on her own. Ghost later senses the betrayal of the Night's Watch, but is unable to help Jon when he is stabbed.