Fairmarket is a town in the Riverlands located on the Blue Fork of the Trident.

Location Edit

It is located mostly on the southern shore of the Blue Fork, but does span the river. It is southeast of Oldstones and Seagard, and northeast of Lord Harroway's Town. It is five days ride from the Whispering Wood.

History Edit

The old River Kings denied charters that would have seen towns like Fairmarket, Lord Harroway's Town and Saltpans grow into cities.

Pate of Fairmarket was a peasant, who unsuccessfully claimed to be a river king after the Riverlands fell into the dominion of House Durrandon, the Storm Kings of the Stormlands.

The Storm King Arrec Durrandon was defeated in a Battle at Fairmarket by King Harwyn Hoare, which secured that the Riverlands went from the possession of the Durrandon kings to the Hoare Kings of the Iron Islands. Harwyn's son, Halleck Hoare, established his seat at a modest tower house at Fairmarket.

Prince Aegon Targaryen met one of his mistresses, Megette, after his horse threw a shoe whilst riding near Fairmarket.

Books Edit

A Storm of Swords Edit

King Robb Stark hopes to cross the Blue Fork at Fairmarket, and sends scouts ahead. They find the bridge has been washed away after heavy rainfall and flooding.

A Feast for Crows Edit

Lord Lucias Vypren tracks a band of outlaws, who may have been involved in the hanging of Merrett Frey to Fairmarket, but he loses them there. Ser Ryman Frey and his party are then attacked and killed two leagues south of Fairmarket.