The only Hayford living is Ermesande Hayford, a female baby, who is the last of her line. She was in King's Landing and survived when the rest of her relations died in the War of the Five Kings. House Hayford is a noble house from the Crownlands, which is sworn to King's Landing. She is first seen at the Jousting Tournament on The new King Joffrey's nameday. The Lannisters knew that whoever married her would get claim to her lands. They quickly married her to Tyrek Lannister, one of Robert Baratheon's former squires. Tyrek was 13 years old and Ermrsande was still nursing. The other squires teased Tyrek terribly about this. They call him "Wet Nurse", and ask him what color swaddling his bride wore on their wedding night. Tyrek was in the royal procession that saw Myracella off at the docks. When Joffrey caused the riot, Tyrek was caught in it and didn't get back to the castle. He is presumed dead after disappearing, the most common theory is that he was beaten, stripped and the body thrown in the river. Still as no-one knows for sure, little Ermesandre is not officially a widow yet. Though it has been said that when Tyrek's death becomes official, she will be the first to become a widow before she is weaned. The people of Hayford are happy that the marriage make them safe from continued war. Jaime Lannister is assured that Lady Ermesandre bends the knee for King Tommen, or at least she will, when she learns how to walk.

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