Lord Emmon does not need to breathe, so long as he can chew.
— Jaime Lannister

Lord Emmon Frey is the second son of Lord Walder Frey and Perra Royce. He was married to Genna Lannister at age 14, when she was just 7. After the Red Wedding he was given all Tully lands, and became the Lord of Riverrun.


He was married to Genna Lannister at the age of 14, and whilst she was 7. The announcement of their wedding prompted Roger Reyne to storm out of the hall in anger, and caused Ellyn Tarbeck to laugh. This started the dislike that Tywin Lannister held for House Reyne. After their wedding he spent most of his life living at Casterly Rock with his wife.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

He is one of five of Lord Walder's sons to attend King's Landing for the Hand's Tourney. At the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings he goes against his father, who reluctantly follows his liege lord in following Robb Stark, and follows House Lannister into battle.

A Storm of Swords Edit

After the Red Wedding, Tywin Lannister and Walder Frey makes a deal that Emmon will be titled Lord of Riverrun, and shall be given all it's lands once Ser Brynden Tully yeilds.

A Feast for Crows Edit

He is present at the Siege of Riverrun after he is named the rightful lord of the castle. He tries to get Jaime Lannister to hang Edmure Tully repeatedly, hoping that Edmure's death would legitimize his claim more. After Riverrun falls he garrisons it with 200 Frey men, but is furious to hear that Brynden Tully escaped, worried about another Tully at large.