Emmon Cuy, he is a knight of House Cuy. He was named to Renly Baratheon's Rainbow Guard, wearing the yellow armor and hence he was also known as Emmon the Yellow.

Appearance Edit

After he was named one of Renly Baratheon Rainbow Guards, he started wearing a yellow armor covered with sunflowers; and thus earned his name Emmon the Yellow.

History Edit

A game of thrones Edit

A clash of kings Edit

When Catelyn Tully came to talk to Renly Baratheon before his forthcoming war against Stannis Baratheon, Renly was slain perceived by Ser Emmon and Ser Robar. Emmon attacked Brienne of Tarth, but was prevented from slaying her by the intervention of Ser Robar, who was persuaded that Brienne might not be the slayer of Renly by Catelyn. However soon after he was killed by Loras Tyrell, Loras was blinded by rage and slew both Ser Emmon and Ser Robar.