Ellyn Reyne, also known as Ellyn Tarbeck, was a woman of House Reyne. She was the wife of Ser Tion Lannister and then Lord Walderan Tarbeck.

Appearance and Character Edit

Ellyn is described as being hot tempered, strong willed and ambitious. She not only desired to marry into House Lannister, but also to make herself the Lady of Casterly Rock.

History Edit

Ellyn's father, Robert Reyne, had little trouble arranging a betrothal between his daughter and Tywald Lannister, the heir to the Rock. Unfortunately, Robert and Tywald were both killed during the Peake Uprising. Instead Ellyn seduced Tywald's twin brother, Tion Lannister, the new heir. Tion chose Ellyn over his betrothed, the daughter of Lord Rowan. Lord Gerold Lannister initially opposed the marriage, but eventually let his son follow his heart.

Ellyn became the Lady of Casterly Rock in all but name after marrying Tion, and used the position to her benefit. She filled her court with musicians, artists and mummers. She also used the time to bestow honours upon House Reyne, giving lands and titles to members if her family, including her brothers.

Tion perished during the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion, leaving Ellyn widowed and with no issue. As a result Ellyn lost power, with Tytos Lannister the new heir. Ellyn reportedly tried to bed Tytos, who was married to Jeyne Marbrand.

Ellyn was then quickly wedded off to Lord Walderan Tarbeck, the head of House Tarbeck. With him she had three children, two daughters, Rohanne and Cyrelle, and one son, Tion, who was named as an insult to Gerold and Tytos.

Ellyn was present at the feast where Tytos Lannister announced the betrothal of Genna Lannister to Emmon Frey, the second son of Lord Walder Frey. She laughed at the news, likely because she found the match to be a poor one. She used the wealth of the Lannisters to rebuild Tarbeck Hall.

When Ser Tywin Lannister ordered for House Tarbeck to pay their debts, Walderan tried to intimidate him, but was taken prisoner. In response, Ellyn took prisoner two Lannisters of Lannisport, as well as Ser Stafford Lannister, saying that the three would die unless Walderan was returned. Tywin wanted to send Walderan back in three pieces, but an exchange was agreed and overseen by Ellyn's brother, Ser Reynard Reyne.

Ellyn was killed during the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion, when Tywin besieged Tarbeck Hall. A catapult caused the structure to collapse, killing Ellyn and her son, and then Tywin had the place torched. According to Tygett Lannister, Tywin smiled at the demise of Ellyn.