The Dusky Woman is a slave in the service of Victarion Greyjoy, a gift from his brother Euron.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

The Dusky Woman is beautiful, with skin the colour of charcoal-and-earth. Like all servants of Euron, she has had her tongue cut out. She is obedient and compliant, serving Victarion in every capacity requested of her without protest.


The Dusky Woman's real name and origins are unknown. She was captured by the infamous pirate Euron Greyjoy after Euron raided a slaver bound for Lys carrying her. Euron cut out her tongue and enslaved her. 

A Feast for CrowsEdit

The Dusky Woman is given to Euron's brother Victarion Greyjoy as a gift. Victarion initially refuses her, but after Euron tells him that she will be killed if he does not take her, he relents and takes her as his bed warmer. After Victarion is injured during the Battle of the Shield Islands, she is given the task of tending to his wounded hand. Victarion gradually begins to warm to the Dusky Woman, confiding more and more of his doubts, secrets and plans to her. 

A Dance with DragonsEdit

After Victarion picks up Moqorro the Red Priest, the Dusky Woman hisses in fury at him, earning her a painful rebuke from Victarion. She continues to serve Victarion's every need as the captain confides more and more in her, and lives in fear and mistrust of the Red Priest. 

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