Lord Dunstan Drumm is the Lord of Old Wyk and the head of House Drumm. He is the captain of the Thunderer.

Appearance and Character Edit

He is an old man, and carries the Valyrian steel sword Red Rain.

Books Edit

A Feast for Crows Edit

Lord Dunstan puts forward his name for consideration at the Kingsmoot. His champions are his sons, Denys and Donnel Drumm, and Andrik the Unsmiling. His speech about the history of House Drumm, from Dale Drumm to Gormond Drumm, bored the men, and his gifts of bronze were sneered on and passed over.

After the Taking of the Shields, he was spotted by Victarion Greyjoy talking with Rodrik Harlaw and Gorold Goodbrother in the yard of Lord Hewett's Town. They discussed how they feared that the gains that they had won were little in comparison to the enmity of the Reach.