Ser Desmond Grell is a knight of House Grell. He serves as Master-at-Arms of Riverrun under Lord Hoster Tully and later Lord Edmure Tully. He is often left in charge of the castle when there is no Lord present to run it.


Ser Desmond served as a squire for Lord Hoster from a young age, around when Catelyn Stark was born. He was knighted when Catelyn could ride and was Master-at-Arms by the time she married Eddard Stark. He was involved in Catelyn's bedding ceremony, but apologized to her for ever bawdy joke he made during the ceremony.


A Clash of KingsEdit

He is put in charge of training new bowmen after many are lost during the Battle of Riverrun and then the subsequent Battle of the Camps. When House Lannister attempt to free Ser Jaime Lannister Desmond's squire is killed by Jaime himself. Desmond is put in charge of Riverrun when Edmure rides out to fight at the Battle of the Fords.

A Clash of KingsEdit

Due to Ser Desmond being made commander of Riverrun during Edmure's absence he is in charge of dealing with Catelyn after she frees Ser Jaime, although he brings Utherydes Wayn along because he wants support. He is meant to be one of the nobles launching Hoster's funeral boat, but is replaced by Lothar Frey as a way of honouring House Frey.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Ser Desmond asks to travel to The Wall so he can take the black after Riverrun falls to Jaime Lannister. He is dispatched to the port of Maidenpool accompanied by Ser Robin Ryger and Raff the Sweetling.