Lord Dalton Greyjoy, known as the Red Kraken, was Lord of the Iron Islands and head of House Greyjoy during the Dance of the Dragons. He us regarded as a great hero of the Ironborn.

Appearance and Character Edit

Dalton was a daring and bloodthirsty man. He was loved by his men, but not by his wives, as he tired of women quickly. Dalton was considered shrewd, despite his age.

History Edit

Dalton was rowing at five, and reaving at ten. He sailed with his uncle to raid the pirate towns of the Basilisk Isles. By fourteen, Dalton had sailed as far away as Old Ghis and claimed four salt wives.

Dalton claimed a Valyrian steel sword, Nightfall, from the corpse of a dead corsair. Whilst fighting in the Stepstones, Dalton avenged his uncle, who he saw killed before him. Men began calling him the Red Kraken as he emerged from battle covered in blood. When he returned to the Iron Islands as the Lord Reaper of Pyke, he began building longships and forging steels, saying that the storm was coming.

Dalton was said to have laughed after hearing the news of the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons. The greens, who supported Aegon II Targaryen, offered Dalton the title of Master of Ships in return for his support. Under the suggestion of Prince Daemon Targaryen, Rhaenyra Targaryen instead appealed to Dalton's bloodlust and asked him to fight her enemies on the west coast.

Dlaton then sided with Rhaenyra Targaryen, and invaded the Westerlands, as Lord Jason Lannister was campaining in the Riverlands. His wife, Lady Johanna Lannister, barred the gates of Casterly Rock, but couldn't prevent Dalton from attacking elsewhere. Dalton burned the fleet of House Lannister and sacked Lannisport, carrying off gold, grain, and trade goods. Hundreds of girls were taken away as salt wives, including Jason's favourite mistress and their natural daughters. Dalton led the capture of Kayce, and after the fall of Fair Isle he claimed four of Lord Farman's daughters as his salt wives, giving a more homely one to his brother, Veron. Dalton refused to stop his raiding after the Dance ended, and defied the regency council of King Aegon III Targaryen.

Whilst sleeping in his room at Faircastle, his throat was cut by a girl called Tess, who then threw herself into the sea. His only sons were born from salt wives, and hours after his death a succession squabble began. In 134 AC Jason Lannister's widow, Johanna Lannister, avenged Dalton's raids by having her men-at-arms sail to the Iron Islands with the fleet of Ser Leo Costayne, the lord admiral of the Reach. One of Dalton's salt sons was taken captive, gelded, and made into Casterly Rock's new fool.